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'Le Rayon U' Translations

Posté : 13 oct. 2019, 02:17
par Cam
Hey all, Joined the forum a few years back and have enjoyed browsing the latest news and discussion but have yet to post myself. Unfortunately for me I don't live in the French speaking world like the majority of the fan base and I don't speak any French myself so I'll just post this here.
I collect all the Blake and Mortimer series in English and I have collected the French Edition of Le Rayon U. Unlike the Blake and Mortimer series Le Rayon U has not been translated into as many languages and this prompted me to do some investigating. I believe Le Rayon U has been translated into the following languages:
-French (Le Rayon U)
-Dutch (De U Straal)
-Portuguese (O Raio U)
-Spanish (El Rayo U)
-Italian (Il Raggio U)
-German (Die U Strahlen)
I'm really interested to see how many Languages Le Rayon U has actually been translated to, especially because it's one of the lesser known or read works by E.P Jacobs, and especially interested If an English Translation was ever done. :p

Re: 'Le Rayon U' Translations

Posté : 08 avr. 2020, 14:43
par Kronos
Hi Cam, I just discover your question, and I can confirm to you that no other language had pleasure to join the list you put above. They are the principals an common languages in comics used all around the World
Dispately, english one is not present, I don't why. Perhaps Cinebook will translate it ??? You could ask them to know what...

Re: 'Le Rayon U' Translations

Posté : 10 avr. 2020, 03:01
par Cam
Hi Kronos, thanks for your reply and confirmation. Yes it does seem that no official English publication has been done. I might reach out to Cinebook in curiosity, I think it would be great to have an English translation published as it would make it much more available to the large English reading audiences.